Sian-Lee Van der Merwe
Address: Gauteng
Freelance Type:
Introduction: I am a Personal Assistant in the manufacturing industry based in Gauteng, Pretoria region. I am a single mother looking to provide extra income for a better life.
Address: Western Cape
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Introduction: Highly motivated and self-starter Sibonelo is a lover of all things genuine, she loves communicating with words. Writing is a language for her that transcend through time and limitations. Deep and insightful conversations is what she is about. basically working with her comes with full joy!
taahir hamza
Address: Western Cape
Introduction: My name is Taahir Hamza. I am a hard working 2ND year student looking for a part time job. I am an independent over achiever with extremely good communication skills. I love working with others and I am always striving to achieve great- ness. I always go the extra mile to guarentee success in whatever I do. I am extremely competitve and a perfectionist, whatever I do, I always give my all and nothing less. Key Skills Competitive Hard worker Tech-savvy Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal Extremely enthusiastic Adobe Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator
Tauhirah Raffie
Address: KwaZulu-Natal
Freelance Type:
Introduction: I am a freelance fine art and fashion photographer.
Tetelo Nkadimeng
Address: Gauteng
Introduction: Good day

I'm a humble Graphic/Web Designer, an enthusiast, a jack of all trades. I have been in the industry for 7 years. I follow trends by reading business insider (advertising). I have worked among competitive agency's. I have internet marketing expertise comprising of SEO and Social Media. I'm based in Pretoria ( Waterlake Farm Lifestyle Security Estate). You can reach me at +27 71 176 6093 or email

My main competencies:

CMS (Wordpress/Joomla)
Laravel Framework

I'm a web guru, a wizard. Apart from developing websites, I can assemble, configure devices such as telephones, routers, network topology(s). I have all the necessary skills required to entice, drive traffic and generate sales. I have recently worked at Creative Magic Group based in Sandton. My overall experience with Google analytics is tremendous. I have considerable amounts of Google Webmaster tools/SEO knowledge. My website development expertise forms part of my Multimedia design Criteria. I kick Started my career as a Junior Web Developer Leadership role for IBD Click (Marketing Company based in Pretoria).

I have the required skillet to produce content for CMS (Wordpress/Joomla). I’m also eligible to produce content for HTML/PHP websites. On a daily bases, I polish the website content with CSS before auditing the website as a key principle of publishing a finalized website. I worked with several CRM systems namely, Zoho CRM. I work with CRM languages such as deluge for various functions. I use SQL to manipulate different functions in the CRM.

I work with wireframes to substantiate each website’s content for approval. We make use of brainstorming sessions to conclude a solid idea of a website's core functionality. I have the technical ability to analyse a website using Google Chrome Audit to analyze Performance, Mobility, Accessibility, and SEO. I’m proficient with Google tag manager.

I'm hands-on with emails. I work with File Zilla and Konsol H control panel, where I manage all emails. I do tasks such as blocking emails, whitelisting emails, reviewing mail logs, email forwardings, and filtering email accounts.

I have a National Diploma in Multimedia Design and planning to study for my Bachelors. I’m a Tshwane University of Technology graduate. I have majored in Web Development.
Other qualifications consisting of WordPress Security and User Experience.

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